What an amazing show. There's so much to love about YELLE: her adorable persona, fun fashion sense and her catchy french electro sound. The show was sold out and an 18+ event. I really do love covering 18+ shows, the younger crowd always gets dressed up and are so much more expressive with their style. 

Opening for YELLE was French Horn Rebellion. This band has been getting a lot of attention the past year. Their synths and drums had the whole place dancing. We caught up with David Perlick-Molinari of French Horn Rebellion to see what he was wearing.

When YELLE came out of the green room, she was wearing some sort of hunter's garment. Nik told me the correct term for it.. but it escapes me. Following closely behind her, two males dressed as if they were on their way to jump into a jeep and cross the African desert. They made their way to the stage, got settled on drums and synth and YELLE sang her first song. 

(This video has tons of Brian Lichtenburg!) 

(YELLE's Ghillie suit)

Shortly after, YELLE removed the camouflage and really got to business. She wore the ruffled hoodie from her Safari Disco Club music video.

TREND SPOTTING : the rise of circa-1995-apache-junction-trailer-southwestern influence.

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