A few weeks ago, we captured photos of the best dressed at Sticky Fingers, Bar Smith. Those captured were entered into a contest for tickets to Stateside Presents and Sticky Fingers' Summer Massive featuring DJs Designer Drugs, Le Castle Vania and Villians. Votes were cast and the winner of best dressed was model, Eve Marie. We wanted to ask her about the Summer Massive and all about her personal style!

LNO: How was the show?
EVE: The show was amazing and everyone was really into it and of course Le Castle Vania was awesome.

LNO: What were people wearing at the show?
EVE: There were a lot of raver kids there. I think the way the go go dancers were dressed was the best part. It was like nerd core meets solid gold roller disco. They looked great. Most of the people there were dressed pretty casual. Some kids had on less clothing then I thought you could get away with. One girl was in nothing but a bra and panties. lol

LNO: What inspires you most right now in your clothing choices?
EVE: If I have to pick specifics, I'd say bohemians, belly dancers, and the circus. I like to mix up various elements of all of those things. I think it's the beauty and the mystique that is attractive to me. I think the most creative styling choices for me come from not having anything to wear. The rainbow "dress" that I got so many compliments on was actually a scarf that was given to me that I just tied around my body. The feather hair piece is a prototype I made last summer for a collection I want to create eventually. I also made the shell necklace I was wearing. I like to wear things I've made and are meaningful to me in some way because it helps me remember who I am and protects me from mediocrity.

LNO: Where do you like to shop?
EVE: I love all the local boutiques downtown. Conspire, Butter Toast, Dragonfly Funky Urban Boutique. I also really love thrift stores!

LNO: What is your greatest fashion find?
EVE: It's difficult to say. I used to work for Neiman Marcus Last Call, which a clearance store. Then there would be sales with deeper discounts, plus my employee discount. Sometimes I'd walk away with Marc Jacobs and YSL pieces for like fifteen bones. That was pretty awesome.

LNO: What current trend are you all about?
EVE: I'm loving the pin up/burlesque look that alternative models have going on.

LNO: How important do you think it is for a model such as yourself to have their own personal style?
EVE: It's important for anyone to have their own personal style, I think. It's a huge part of creative expression that makes you different and stand out from the rest. It's super important to have a very distinct style as a model because it's part of marketing yourself and it helps to be recognized so you're more well known, thus getting more work. I would say it's just important that you aren't stagnant though. Knowing how to find that balance is important.

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