Phoenix is know for the weather. With blistering summers and pleasant winters, a medium-weight coat is the most you will ever need to stay warm during the current months. However, last night puzzled party seekers who were forced to nuzzle up to space heaters and make friends with strangers. Or perhaps some were just looking for their New Year's kiss?

"Can you believe this shit?" astonished DJ William Reed reacted as he held his IPhone to my face. "It's 43 degrees in NYC and 40 degrees here". I had just walked into Bar Smith in downtown Phoenix and was grateful to be wearing the 1940's mink stole Nik Antony gave me for Christmas. It completed my New Years ensemble: black long sleeve lace blouse, black strapless and ruched cocktail dress by H&M, black nylons, black spike-heeled mary janes heels and black satin gloves. I wore my hair in ringlets and finger waved the front. Big smoky eye look with lashes and a very fine silver glitter. I regret to say that the photo I took in the early hours of the night was dismally lost as I snapped photos. My current attempt to get more familiar with my new camera has fallen short. But I assure you.. my New Year Eve look was smashing. 

I was able to find a handful of dashing attendees before the club broke maximum occupancy. I'm afraid being crammed like sardine is not my idea of a good time, nor was it ample room for me to work. I couldn't take full length photos or even see their shoes! Last night had proven to be a learning experience and I have ideas on how to over come this obstacle in the future. 

But I digress.. Here are some of my favourite looks of last night. What ever you chose to do, I hope you were safe and had fun. New year, new you, new wardrobe?

Happy New Year!

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