SCOTTSDALE : Calvin Harris @ Axis / Radius

Calvin Harris.. the big ticket show of the night! Heading to Scottsdale is always less than desirable, but in order to see the best producers in electronic music, it is a voyage that has to be made. Upon entering the doors of Axis / Radius, we found ourselves in a sea of people. The fashion hunt is a bit tricky in these environments. Looking people up and down, scoping out their shoes and accessories while squeezing by fashion disasters can sometimes lead to dirty looks and more aggressive attempts to pass by, leaving out a polite "excuse me." But there is a job to be done and it was the reason we were there! Lap after lap, up and down the stairs, from the VIP lounge to the over crowded dance floor, Nik and I looked high and low.  

We saw more of this than anything..... 

The majority of those in attendance wore jeans, t-shirts, sneakers... even Mr. Calvin Harris himself. And many who did dress up appeared to be just another jersey shore 'situation'.  Thankfully a few of our fashionable friends showed up.


Anonymous said...

Dirty looks and tricky "fashion"?? You sure are in Scottsdale! Hi Tiffe ;)


Hi Summer :}

You must send me your nightlife itineraries so I can follow the fashionable xo