TEMPE : Interpol & School of Seven Bells @ Marquee Theatre

Last night, lines wrapped around the building as shivering Interpol devotees braced themselves for the highly anticipated performance. Nik and I dressed in silver in black and were anxious to get in and start snapping photos of cleverly dressed youth. As we passed the lines and headed to the entrance door, we started to feel as if our fashion hunt may come up short.. yet again. Everyone was bundled up for the unexpected cold snap and it was apparent that winter attire is not one of Phoenix's strengths.

But after we got in, we started seeing some great fashion. It took a while to catch on, but it looks like the 90's are finally back here in the valley. What I find funny about 90's influences is that when I've seen it done properly, it has been accomplished by the under-age crowd. Perhaps it's because they were wearing diapers and onesys back then and can only now wear the trends of the mid-nineties.

Out of the two bands, I'll have to admit I was most anxious to see dream-pop band School of Seven Bells perform. They were one of my favourite break-through artists of 2010 and I missed their last tour. They were well-received by the crowd but I was hindered that they didn't play "Prince of Peace". Still, great performance.

We caught up with Benjamin Curtis, lead guitarist of School of Seven Bells and formally from the band Secret Machines, to add his ensemble to our archive. Layered and combat boots. You can't go wrong.

Later, Interpol took the stage. With the audience memorized by the music it was hard to tear them away for a photo. But we managed to get a few.

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